The Korean smartphone giant unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 this morning, to much fanfare and many sighs. As always, the Note 9 takes everything Sammy learned from the S9 and S9+ and crammed it into a larger-profile phablet, complete with improved S-pen. If you want the latest and greatest from Samsung, this is the place to be – but it’ll cost you a very pretty penny.

Samsung added a few interesting features to the Note series this time around, including an enhanced 4,000mAh battery, water-cooling, and a new, smart S-Pen that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to add new functionality to the previously “dumb” pen. Other features are more standard, including 6.4″ Infinity Display, Snapdragon 845 processor, and either 6/128GB or 8/512GB RAM/ROM, depending on the model you choose.

How to buy, you ask? Let’s take a look.


While pre-orders for the Note 9 won’t go live until midnight tonight (that’s 9:00pm Pacific), you can sign up for updates on availability from your preferred carrier directly from Samsung. You’ll be notified when you can order, as well as having the ability to choose between an AKG N60 headset and a digital bundle featuring an exclusive Fortnite character skin and 15,000V-Bucks to spend in the Samsung-exclusive Fortnite. You can get both of these for shelling out an additional $99, in addition to the $999 or $1249.99 you’re spending on the Note 9 itself. This bundle is the same for all carriers, but we’ll update you if anything else pops up.

Reserve your Samsung Galaxy Note 9


As mentioned above, pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 won’t go live until midnight tonight, August 10th. Verizon has a page for the Note 9, but it just features a countdown and marketing materials.


Like Verizon and the other carriers, AT&T just has a landing page for the Note 9 at the moment; pre-orders go live at midnight tonight. Unlike Verizon, though AT&T is showing a price tag: $33.34/month for the 6/128GB model, or $41.67/month for the 8/512GB one.


T-Mobile is the first of the major carriers to advertise a trade-in deal for the Note 9, offering up to 50% off if you trade in an eligible Samsung Galaxy Device. These devices range from the S8+ down to the S5, with a couple of the lower, entry-level Galaxy devices thrown in there for good measure. If you’re a faithful Samsung follower and you want the new Note 9, T-Mobile might be the place to be at the moment. AT&T and Verizon have yet to announce any special offers.


At the time of this publication, Sprint had not published a page (or any offers, for that matter) for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. If you’re a Sprint subscriber, refer to the above link to the Samsung site to reserve your Note 9.

US Cellular

The last of the primary US Carriers doesn’t have a page up for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, but as with Sprint you can order one directly from Samsung that’s compatible with the service. No deals yet, but we’ll keep an eye out for you.

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