Windows Phones are dead — a fact that hardly moved opinions across the world of technology. The dominance of Android and iOS — both being extremely capable mobile operating systems, paved the demise of the Windows 10 Mobile platform that was devoid of any interest from developers as well as consumers. While the platform suffered adversely, the hardware was extremely capable of hosting complex tasks with ease. This is why a developer took it upon himself to install and run four operating systems simultaneously on a Windows Phone device.

Yes, four operating systems on one mobile device, that too three of them being desktop-class operating systems. Gustave M. has uploaded a video showing a Windows Phone device running four major operating systems — Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 10 IoT Core and Windows 10 Mobile. The video shows the developer switching between the four operating systems and performing basic tasks in each of them. None of them seemed to run out of breath, indicating that the hardware is capable of undergoing immense stress.


However, running desktop-class operating systems on a mobile device doesn’t explain the productivity potential of the activity. While the hardware is still capable of hosting heavy-duty OSes, Windows 10 is still at its best with the traditional computer setup, i.e. with a keyboard and a mouse.

Windows 10 Mobile is presently in the maintenance mode, with Microsoft set to discard the platform completely in 2019. The last major launch for the platform was in 2015 with the Lumia 950 flagship smartphone. However, with rumours of a Surface device in the works, we can expect Microsoft to revisit the world of smartphones in the near future with an adaptive version of Windows 10 meant for enterprises.

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