To be a Silicon Valley giant, one does not need to dabble in silicon. But Facebook wants to push itself to become a chip-making tech giant, and it has taken its first steps toward that goal.

This month, Facebook signaled its ambitions by poaching away Google’s senior director of engineering Shahriar Rabii to the Menlo Park-based social network as its head of silicon, according to Bloomberg on Friday. Rabii was responsible for leading a Google team to develop custom Google chips for its devices, such as the Pixel smartphone’s Visual Core chip.

Rabii’s hire is the latest chapter in Facebook’s new ambition. Earlier this year, Facebook created a team of engineers to create custom chips and semiconductors to aid in their ever-growing data centers and work in artificial intelligence, according to Bloomberg.

Apple has also been developing chips and processors for iPads and iPhones since 2010. But Apple’s efforts in reaching self-sufficiency hit a major roadblock when it fought against Qualcomm over a wireless modem in iPhones.

In 2015, Apple and Qualcomm engaged in a multinational court fight over royalties and intellectual properties, with the former working with Intel to create its own modem.

Apple also have been developing its own MicroLED screens for its iPhones and iPads in a secret facility in Santa Clara to reduce its reliance on foreign suppliers, according to Bloomberg.




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