FRESNO, Calif. – One local boy is making it big online and is now a sponsored athlete — but in an obscure sport.

Nidal Ajib is only 7 years old and he’s gained almost 40,000 social media followers in only four months for “flipping.” Now, he’s traveling the state performing and training.

Tumbling mid-air you see his smile shine through every twist and turn.

“Flipping” is the only thing he wants to do.

Just months ago after seeing street performers Nidal decided he wanted to start flipping too. 

“Nidal could only really do a back flip and so we started an instagram about it. That’s when he was like ‘I want to progress for my fans’,” said his older brother Jamel Ajib.

Jamel is the man behind Nidal​​​​​​’s accounts.

“The first week it got like 1,000 followers and we were like ‘that’s not even possible,'” he said.

Now Nidal is sponsored by extreme sporting companies like AirTrack and Skybound — transforming his living room almost as quickly as him.

Nidal makes it look so easy. If you don’t see him making videos with his brother at home you’ll see him flipping through air parks.

“I practice a lot,” he said.

He may be a small man of few words, but his tricks speak for him.

Nedal’s next big event is “Gravalanche” in Venice Beach on October 6tth, 2018.




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