Since there were already so many questions in last week’s poll, we limited ourselves to only asking about the external aspects of a smartphone. We’re saving the internal specs for another poll later. That being said, here’s what you said you want most in a smartphone.

The results

For the color, the majority (64%) want something darker, like black, grey or dark blue. The second largest group, with 17% of the vote, doesn’t mind what color their smartphone is. The least popular colors are light colors like white or silver with only 8% and bright colors like red or green with 11%.

For the finish material, the clear winner is metal with 56% of the vote. Metal is followed by plastic with 18% of the vote and glass with 14%. I would guess that plastic beat glass not because of looks, but because of durability. 9% of respondents weren’t bothered by having any particular type of finish, and only 3% were interested in having leather or similar fabrics on the back.

Here comes the big controversy of 2018, the notch. The majority is traditional, since 64% say they want no notch. 31% of readers don’t care either way. Only 5% actually want to have a notch.

AndroidPIT OnePlus 6 5924
The notch debate is finally settled. Only 5% actually want it. / © AndroidPIT by Irina Efremova

The best display technology, according to our readers, is Super AMOLED, which got 61% of the vote. If you have to make compromises on a device, it seems most don’t want that compromise to be with the display. Super AMOLED was followed by plain old AMOLED with 15% of the vote, and 13% just didn’t care about the display. The rest of the vote went to IPS and TFT with only 10% and 1% of the vote respectively. 

When it comes to audio, stereo on the front was the most sought-after configuration with 61% of the vote. The second most popular option was to have stereo on the sides, which got 17% of the vote. Another 16% didn’t really mind about the speaker type or placement, and all the other options got less than 3% of the vote.

When it comes to built-in protection, 71% of readers want to have a waterproof and dust proof smartphone that has some type of drop protection. It seems that level of protection has already become the new standard. 18% need only waterproofing and dust proofing, while just 6% need splash protection and another 6% don’t care.

For the charging port, 84% want to have USB Type-C. So it seems Micro USB is on its way out of favor for good, with only 11% of the vote. Only 5% don’t care what type of charging port a phone has, and just 1% want to put up with proprietary or exclusive ports. 

Manufacturers are having a hard time convincing users to get on board with the forced no-headphone-jack trend. A vast majority want to have a headphone jack on their smartphones still, with 49% saying they want a headphone jack and HiFi and 31% saying they want a regular headphone jack. For the minority who want no jack, 9% want a Bluetooth headset included in the box and 2% want an adapter in the box. Just 10% don’t care whether or not there is a jack.


To sum it all up, according to AndroidPIT readers, the perfect smartphone has a metal finish in a dark color, a Super AMOLED display with no notch, a front stereo speaker configuration and HiFi headphone jack, with USB Type-C for charging, plus water, dust and drop protection.

Does this match with your idea of the ideal smartphone? Let us know in the comments!




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