The thing about being a Nintendo fan that’s so painful is that because the company has such a massive roster of amazing franchises, each with their own passionate overlapping fanbases, no one can ever be completely satisfied at once. Nintendo could reveal awesome new entries in the Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Metroid, Bayonetta, and Smash Bros. series, but fans would be bummed to see WarioWare, Kirby, Advance Wars, F-Zero, Kid Icarus, Punch-Out!!, Mother, and whatever else left out in the cold.

That’s why it’s up to fans to preserve these Nintendo legacies while Nintendo itself is preoccupied. Trying to make your own game will more than likely cause you some legal trouble. However, making your own Nintendo Labo toys and games is precisely how Nintendo wants you to play with its programmable cardboard. Check out this custom Nintendo Labo AR game that’s basically Luigi’s Mansion 2.5.

Luigi’s Mansion is Nintendo’s inexplicable Ghostbusters homage starring the famous second-tier plumber solving puzzles and capturing ghosts inside big spooky houses. In the official games players do this with a regular old video game controller steering Luigi and his special Poltergust phantom-fighting vacuum.

However, with this Nintendo Labo creation, fan Eisuke Fujinawa transports the concept into the real world with a very Pokemon Go-style augmented reality take on the formula. The cardboard Poltergust combines a Labo motorcycle handle with a clever box that uses the Nintendo Switch’s screen and magnifying glasses to project light ghosts onto walls in dark rooms. Using infrared tape as markers, players then target the ghosts to zap them, shake them around, and suck them back into Heck like in the other games. It’s a really impressive DIY project, just look at the code, and it especially reminds us of the limited edition Luigi’s Mansion arcade game from last year.

This is just further proof of how deceptively powerful Nintendo Labo is and how with the right creative thinking it totally gives you the tools needed to make some super cool stuff.

For more on Nintendo Labo read our original review, our reminder on how it’s totally still a thing, and be on the lookout for our impressions of the upcoming Vehicle Kit coming soon.

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