Smartphones are expensive, and Samsung’s flagships are among the world’s priciest. While you can currently buy the Samsung Galaxy S10e for a very competitive £575, you can save even more by opting for last year’s Galaxy S9, which is currently going very cheap at Amazon.
Considering it launched at £739 just over a year ago, getting a Galaxy S9 for £433.02 is pretty incredible. No, I’m not sure why Amazon didn’t just round it down to £433, but who knows how the site’s algorithm works?
It’s only available in black at this price and Prime delivery (though you can pay a bit more if you absolutely must have it in purple) and it’s worth nothing this is the international version. That likely doesn’t mean much in the case of a phone from Samsung, but here’s Amazon’s disclaimer anyway: “Whilst the hardware design and production is often similar or identical, the software may be localised for language and technical dependencies. An ‘International Version’ may contain instruction manuals and accessories for a specific country. They are also exempt from any cashback offers the manufacturer runs on the UK version.”
(No, your S9 won’t be in Spanish. Android ships with multiple languages, and should you have any issues, you’re covered by Amazon’s pretty extensive A-Z guarantee).
Yes it’s last year’s Galaxy flagship, but it’s still more than powerful enough for anybody’s needs, and it packs a lot of nice extras too. It’s water resistant, packs wireless charging, lets you expand the memory with a microSD card and still manages to retain the 3.5mm headphone jack when every other company is jockeying to get rid of it.
Our only criticism in our review was the price. Now that’s not an issue this is unlikely to be a purchase you regret. You can even get it for delivery tomorrow if you order quickly enough.  
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