The Past & Future Of The Hitman Franchise

The Hitman franchise of video games is one with a surprisingly long and storied history. It’s been running for almost two decades now consists of nearly a dozen games (not to mention two films). And with IO Interactive having recently announced plans for a new entry in the franchise, we thought now would be a good time to look back on this history in a bit more detail.

The Closest Relatives

Seeing as how the upcoming game is being called Hitman 3, chances are it’s going to be rather similar in style to the most recent core franchise instalments, Hitman (2016) and Hitman 2 (2018). These games are responsible for putting the franchise back on the map and in the minds of the general populous, with exciting gameplay, in-depth worlds and plots, and more comedic potential than most would ever have expected. Hitman 3 taking the same basic concept and adding more to it basically represents an ideal path forward for most for the franchise. But what should the game add? Well, that’s why we’re looking to the past…

The Early Years

The Hitman franchise’s roots lie firmly in the realm of unrealistic science fiction, with Agent 47 himself being a clone, and the original game’s climactic confrontation being with the other clones. While the recent reboot has done away with these types of Agent Smith shenanigans in order to pursue a more realistic take on the concept, we think there’s a place for more sci-fi in the rebooted series – specifically through optional content. Allowing a player to experience some more of the sillier side of past Hitman games in the form of non-canon side missions and the like would be a great way to pay homage to the series roots without diverting from its current direction.

The Smaller Games

While Hitman has thrived largely through console instalments, the last five years or so have seen a few smaller games released via mobile stores and online casino sites. On mobile, this happened through Hitman: Go, a turn-based puzzle game that captured the spirit of the series but was almost like a virtual board game. In the casino arena, you can now find the game Hitman Online Slot at several of the best online casino sites currently available. It’s largely like any other modern, animated slot, but packed with imagery reminiscent of the main series. Neither of these games is hugely significant to the main franchise – but it might still be fun to see Hitman pay tribute to them through some mini-games – perhaps available as side activities through which various rewards could be earned.

Blood Money and Absolution

The two games directly preceding the reboot of the franchise, Blood Money and Absolution, may not have earned the best receptions, but they still presented a few good ideas worth revisiting. Blood Money introduced the concept of rival assassins attempting to take down the same target that you were and messing with your schemes in the process. While this might not be the best fit for the newer game’s slower pace, it would still be nice to see the added challenge. Absolution, on the other hand, added Contracts Mode, which is something we’d love to see brought back. This mode allowed players to create and share missions with each other over the internet, using any and all of the game’s different stages, characters, and conditions. It added nearly infinite replayability to the game and would be sensational within the greater overall quality of
the newer games.


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