Microsoft’s Skype for Web refresh is here, meaning Chrome and Edge users no longer need to use the service’s standalone app to get access to features such as HD video calling and call recording. The service has also received a number of interface improvements designed to make it easier to keep track of the contents of conversations.

First is a new notifications panel to let you see every time someone has mentioned or quoted you in the same place. Then there’s a new media gallery which contains every link or piece of media sent via a text chat, allowing you to quickly find an image that was sent without having to scroll through the rest of the text conversation. There’s also a new feature that lets you search within individual conversations.

Attempting to access Skype for Web with another browser generates an error message, such as the one shown here.
Screenshot by Jon Porter / The Verge

The refreshed Skype for Web is available now on machines running running Windows 10 or MacOS 10.12 Sierra and later. The new version of the service will only work with Chrome and Microsoft’s own Edge browser, however. Other browsers, such as Firefox, Safari, or Opera aren’t currently supported.




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