The Division 2 Hunter Boss Fight Guide will help you with locating the Hunter and will help you with tips and tricks on how to defeat this particular enemy.

The Division 2 Secret Hunter Boss

The Hunter Boss fight is currently the toughest boss you will face in the Division 2. This particular boss is very hard to kill and has various tools at his disposal that will surely make things difficult.

That is where our Secret Hunter Boss Fight Guide comes in to help you defeat The Hunter.

Finding the Hunter Boss Fight

There is a reason why this one is called a “Secret Boss” as you have to find it first. In order to find the Hunter Boss, you need to complete certain steps.

You need to find and shoot a specific light that will trigger this secret boss fight. To the east of “Jefferson Memorial” mission, there will be a SHD Tech Cache present.

Get to that location to grab the SHD during nighttime. As you get up the stairs, there will be a map on the left wall and with a laptop on the table in front of it.

“X Marks the Spot” will be written at the bottom-left of the map. Now shoot the light on top of it and the location of the Hunter Boss Fight will be revealed.

Get to the location and there will be another light/bulb blinking. Shoot it and the Hunter Boss will spawn with a bit of a dramatic entrance.

How to Defeat

As I mentioned before, the Hunter boss fight is a tough one as the boss itself is Level 35 and the player level cap is 30. It will be a very difficult boss to defeat.

This particular enemy has multiple tools at his disposal like Drones, Chem Launchers, and more. The Hunter is also capable of healing himself.

Only try to take this enemy on in solo if you have incredible gear at your disposal, otherwise, this enemy will just make you suffer.

Trying to defeat it with a squad will make things easier. Moreover, there are some random enemies will be patrolling by and sometimes will fight this Hunter boss making things a bit easier for you.


If somehow you manage to beat this Hunter Boss, you will receive a Ghoul Mask. However, this is a cosmetic item and has no effect on your skills, perks, and weapons.




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