The U.S. tech industry is currently adding new jobs at almost 400% the rate of other fields, and it pays workers about twice as much too, according to jobs site Comparably.

That high pay isn’t just limited to a handful of senior roles or hardcore technical positions. New college graduates and career changers can earn into the six figures from their first day in the office in many of tech’s entry-level positions.

To find the roles that paid workers top dollar from the outset, Comparably analyzed more than 8,000 tech workers’ salary records to find the ones that led to the biggest paychecks during the first three years of an employee’s career. The results are good news for those who want to work in tech without learning how to code. While several of the 10 highest-paying gigs rely on strong computer science or programming skills, quite a few call for a knowledge of business or marketing.

No matter the role, wise tech workers would head to San Francisco or Seattle to start their careers. These two locations paid the most for each of the following 10 positions, beating out other top cities like Los Angeles, New York City, Boston, Chicago and Austin, Comparably found.




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