You can never have too many portable batteries around, and right now Talk Android Deals is offering a great deal on another one to add to your collection that won’t cost too much. The PowerUP 11,000mAh Triple USB battery is loaded with features and offers plenty of capacity for keeping your devices recharged on the go.

Not only will the large size keep going and going and going, but you’re getting three USB ports to charge several of your own devices which you can also share with someone you’re hanging out with. It’ll even hold up if your buddy needs to recharge a tablet.

  • Charge a tablet & 2 smartphones simultaneously w/ 3 ports
  • Monitor your battery’s power level via the built-in LEDs
  • Premium components rapidly power your devices on the go
  • Massive 11,000mAh capacity can recharge your devices several times over

Normally this battery runs around $70, but you can grab your own in either black or blue for just $27.99, a full 65% discount.

Buy it now: Talk Android Deals



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