“Nintendo just teased Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch.” It’s a phrase game journalists have been waiting to write, well, since the unveiling of the Nintendo Switch two years ago, and now we can finally write it. 

The unveiling happened during the company’s March 8 Nintendo Direct which was supposed to focus on Splatoon and the upcoming Mario Tennis Aces.

But then Nintendo took a page from Apple’s playbook and announced one more thing™.

The teaser trailer begins with a red herring – two Octolings from the company’s Splatoon series battling one another on an unassuming white background. As they run, the scene gets darker, and suddenly an ominous red glow appears in the background. As the camera cuts from the Octoling’s face to the source of the glowing red light, we see it: the iconic Smash logo in all its glory. 

Smash Bros for Switch confirmed!

This has been a year of teases for Nintendo – first with Metroid Prime 4 during its E3 keynote, and now for Super Smash Bros. during a rather innocuous Nintendo Direct. 

Despite differences in timing, the teasers are designed for the sole purpose of whetting gamers’ appetites for what’s to come on Nintendo Switch and can be seen as a sort of promissory note from Nintendo for those of us who bought a Switch.

Clearly there’s no release date set or character roster, but the fact that Nintendo is unveiling the game in March likely means we’ll see more at E3 this year.

Check out the teaser for yourself starting at the 33-minute mark below.




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