As it’s merger with T-Mobile progresses, Sprint has decided to split its Unlimited Freedom plan into two new plans called Unlimited Basic and Unlimited Plus. The price of the Basic plan remains the same at $60 while the Plus plan will cost $70 if buying or leasing a phone from Sprint. 

In a nutshell, it seems that the Basic plan is worse than the original with added throttling and a reduced hotspot allowance while the Plus plan gets a $10 price bump, an extra 5GB of hotspot data, and a basic subscription to Tidal. Hulu with commercials and global roaming with text and data in more than 165 worldwide destinations are included for both plans.

While the word unlimited is used to describe both plans, in reality, that isn’t accurate, although Sprint is raising the limit on ‘unlimited’ data for both plans from 25GB to 50GB, after which users will be throttled. Most Unlimited Basic subscribers won’t get close to the 50GB data limit thanks to being throttled down to 480p when streaming video.

If you take out five lines, Sprint is offering Unlimited Plus for $42 and Unlimited Basic for $32 monthly, per line. As an added incentive, if you bring or buy your own devices, you can get the Unlimited Plus plan for $22 monthly, per line.

For the moment, it’s unknown if Sprint plans on grandfathering those on the original Unlimited Freedom plan into the Unlimited Plus plan or switch them to the lesser Unlimited Basic plan.

Source: Sprint

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