Sonos speakers have played nicely with Amazon Alexa and Apple’s AirPlay (mostly) for quite some time, integrating into ecosystems that are made with both companies’ devices. Up to this point, though, it’s been lacking in compatibility with Google Home and Google Assistant.

Sonos has dropped an update for their Sonos One and Sonos Beam speakers today that are finally adding in Google Assistant compatibility. Now you’ll be able to use Google’s digital voice assistant instead of Alexa to list off commands, and it’ll work with your other Google speakers as well.

In addition to working with Google Assistant, it will also work to control the rest of your Sonos system, with or without the upgrades. If you have some older Sonos speakers they’ll be controllable with Assistant after this update, and you’ll be able to chain up your Sonos speakers to your Google Home devices, too.

Google Assistant and Alexa will be aware of what’s going on with other speakers, too, even if you set different assistants on different individual speakers. That means you can start playing music with Alexa, but then change and control the music with Google Assistant on other speakers.

This update should be rolling out to speakers in the US starting today.

via: The Verge

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