The SNES Mini was almost impossible to get hold of late last year as Nintendo’s production line turned into yet another omnishambles. If you managed to avoid temptation on over-priced eBay units though, your time has come today as we’re seeing multiple reputable retailers stocking the tiny retro console at the RRP of £69.99.

Don’t let other retailers pull the wool over your eyes with their ‘offers’. Some are charging the re-invented RRP of £79.99, and Game is selling it for that price and pretending it’s an offer down from a non-existent price of £99.99. Tut and indeed, tut.

With newfound stock available at so many retailers now, you might be tempted to hold out for a genuine discount off the £69.99 RRP, but that could end up being a bit of a gamble if Nintendo isn’t set on producing many more units. We’ve listed the current retailers below stocking the SNES Mini at the proper £69.99 price if you don’t want to risk missing out on this classic piece of gaming history.

SNES Mini | 21 games | two controllers | £69.99 @ Very is an increasingly popular option for many UK shoppers. There’s even an option to save 20% on the price here by using the voucher code LXJUL at the checkout when opting to buy via a credit order for the first time instead. We’d advise paying it off as soon as possible though as to avoid paying any interest. There’s a banner explaining the details once you click through.
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The rumour machine is really starting to make some noise about a potential N64 Mini next – hopefully, Nintendo won’t be so stingy on the production line. If that does get announced though, expect production of the SNES Mini to stop, if it hasn’t already.




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