The market of internet streaming TV is getting more and more competitive every day, but it’s pretty safe to say Sling TV kickstarted the entire concept. There’s a few more services to choose from today, whether we’re talking about PlayStation Vue, DirecTV Now, or any of the other smaller, more specific bundles, but Sling TV has managed to stay relevant by constantly offering new ideas.

Next up on Sling TV’s playbook is to drop the price, literally, to 0. They’re announcing a new free tier of the service, plus even more a la carte channels and extra on demand content to bring in more subscribers.

Now you won’t have to actually pay anything for Sling TV to watch it, at least for some content. Sling is offering on-demand content from a few different networks with the hopes of adding more, and you’ll be able to add individual paid packages for specific channels without having a base $25 plan. That includes pay-per-view stuff, too, which is a first for these TV streaming services.

It’s not all great news, though. The base price for Sling TV’s orange package is going up $5 to $25, matching the price for the blue package. The combined package is still $40.

source: Sling TV

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