If you’ve found this page, the chances are you weren’t overwhelmed by Samsung Galaxy S9. The new flagship from the South Korean company might look great, but it doesn’t improve on its predecessor as much as we’d have liked.

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So, what can we expect from Samsung’s 2019 flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S10? We know nothing about the Galaxy S10 yet, but Samsung tends to make bigger changes to its handsets every other year. It’s also likely Samsung has something big planned to celebrate a decade of its Galaxy S phones.

Read on to read our pick of the features we’d love to see on 2019’s must-have handset.

Fingerprint reader in the screen

No major manufacturer has managed it yet, but as far back as the Galaxy S8 it was rumoured that Samsung was working on fingerprint-reading technology concealed under the screen. It didn’t materialise with that device, and the S9 also has its fingerprint reader on the back, so surely the S10 has to finally crack the technology? Well, it’s likely the technology will appear on the Note 9, so with any luck we might see it on the Galaxy S10 too.

Even less bezel

The reason the fingerprint scanner moved to the back of the S8 – having been on the front for previous models – is that it takes up valuable real estate on the front of the phone that could be used by the screen.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has an impressive 83.6% screen to body ratio, one of the highest scores we’ve seen on any phone. However, we believe Samsung can improve on this with the Samsung Galaxy S10 – and one early rumour suggests we’re right. Giz China is reporting that the S9 could feature an Infinity Display with a screen to body ratio of up to 93%, so it’s possible we’ll see the bottom bezel disappear altogether.

Folding screen?

Back in 2016, Samsung filed a patent that suggested we could be about to see a phone with a foldable screen. So far, no Galaxy phone has included this functionality, but could the S10 be the first to do so?

Well, we’ve heard the rumoured folding Samsung phone referred to as the “Galaxy X” before, so could the company, like Apple, be about to switch to Roman numerals to celebrate the tenth anniversary of its Galaxy S series?

We won’t hold our breath because Samsung’s president has said the folding screen would debut under the Note brand, but here’s hoping.

Lower price

This is probably the most unlikely item on our wishlist, but we’d love for the Samsung Galaxy S10 to reverse the recent trend of smartphones becoming more expensive. To recap the cost of the last few flagship phones, the Galaxy S7 launched at £569, the S8 at £689 and the S9 at £739. That’s £170’s worth of price rise in only two years.

While Samsung phone prices tend to drop quite quickly after launch, it would be nice to be able to buy a phone at launch without having to remortgage your house.




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