San Francisco-based audio brand Rowkin sent me two pairs of earbuds to try a few weeks ago, claiming that they’re the world’s smallest true wireless earphones. That’s a hard claim to test, but I can say that these are truly tiny, and smaller than any other buds I’ve ever used.

But size isn’t everything, so I spent a couple of weeks with both the $100 Bit Charge Touch, which features a case that doubles as a power bank, and the $90 Micro Touch, which comes with a compact Apple AirPods-style case. I’m reviewing both products together because they sound and fit exactly the same. Here’s what you get for your money.

Design and features

Rowkin isn’t kidding about its buds being small: there aren’t any external buttons or extraneous bits to secure them around your ear, just little nubs that are barely visible when you wear them. The outer case of each bud acts as a button for functions like pausing playback, and skipping between songs. That makes for ridiculously light earphones, which means these are great for going on a run or working out.

The Micro Touch features a compact case that's identical in size and shape to that of the Apple AirPods
Credit: Abhimanyu Ghoshal