It’s a pretty safe bet that the majority of readers (and writers!) at TTAC wrench on their own wheels. Those who don’t likely don’t have the facilities in which to do so. Condo living, overbearing HOA, whatever. To you, we extend our deepest sympathies.

Today’s QOTD you get to dream … and spend imaginary money. Given half the average price of a new car in America to spend — half of $33,560 — how you would kit out your dream garage?

For the purposes of this $16,780 fantasy, not an unrealistic sum, let’s imagine you’ve already gotten the structure built. It’s a 30×30 garage with a half loft. The other half extends all the way to the ceiling. Use your imagination for how many doors it has.

I’ll set an opening bid with the purchase of — you guessed it — a lift! A decent two post lift runs at least $3,000 plus tax. By the time I’ve paid a professional a few shekels to install the thing (in my amateur hands it’s likely to fold like a cheap tent), we’ll call it about a $4,000 expenditure.

That leaves about twelve grand. Professional grade sixty gallon air compressors are around $1,500, plus about the same for tools. A snazzy box and shelves in which to place my shiny new tools is alarmingly expensive, bringing my total expenditures now to roughly $8,000. Halfway there!

Send out my wheels and tires to a third party to get mounted on rims? Pah! With our budget, we can easily afford a tire changer and balancing machine. Just put it on my tab.

Naturally, I don’t want to work in a cave, so a few stacks will be spent on epoxy floor covering (bright red, natch) and slick racing themed artwork for the walls. Having a good time is essential to this author, so dropping a couple of grand on an Xbox racing simulator with which to play Forza Motorsport 7 is completely logical.

Roughly, that’s about $16,000 worth of kit. How would you outfit your garage?




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