Popular streaming movie and TV platform Vudu has been updated with support for UHD playback on Apple TV. This means you can now watch 4K HDR content on your Apple TV through the Vudu application…

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What makes this update (via Reddit) most notable isn’t necessarily the support for 4K HDR, but rather the films that are available. Apple rolled out 4K HDR titles to the App Store last fall, but one of the major holdouts was, and still is, Disney.

Despite the seemingly close relationship between the two companies, Disney has refused to offer its movies in 4K via the iTunes Store. With the most recent Vudu update, however, users can now stream Disney titles in 4K HDR on the Apple Store.

Of course, the important thing to note here is that Disney has been slow to make the switch to 4K production in general. Many Disney films still aren’t available in 4K, even on Vudu, and it’s unclear when they will be.

However, the selection of Disney, Marvel, and Pixar titles available in 4K is growing and they’ll certainly look great on the Apple TV. Check out a full breakdown of the 4K Disney/Marvel films available in 4K HDR here.

Vudu is available on the tvOS App Store as a free download. Disney titles such as Cars 3 generally run $24.99 in UHD, while other titles are available as low as $14.99.

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