How many computers and mobile devices are under your roof, on how many different platforms? There was a time when you only needed security for the one computer in your in house, and it was either a Windows or a Macintosh.

It’s fair to say things have changed, drastically.

Today, you have desktops, laptops, tablets, and cell phones. Each on a different platform and in need of reliable protection. This is where our sponsor, F-Secure’s SAFE, comes in.

Protect your life on every device

F‑Secure SAFE is an award-winning internet security package that protects you from malicious threats like viruses, trojans, and ransomware. SAFE even secures your online banking connection. You can set limits on internet usage for children as well. You and your family can surf safely, on desktops and mobile devices.

Whether your devices are running on Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS, F-Secure SAFE offers complete protection for your online safety and privacy. With one subscription, you get internet security for all of your devices.

Key features that keep you safe


Virus protection shields you from any malware that may collect and distribute your personal information. To prevent infections and spreading, F‑Secure SAFE automatically scans all of your files and applications. If any viruses are found, you will be immediately notified and instructed on what the next step is to remove them.


Handling your money online can be risky. Explore the internet, shop online and pay your bills without worry.

Browsing protection keeps you safe from harmful and dangerous web pages to ensure security and privacy. Banking protection lets you know when you enter a safe banking site and secures the connection to the site, keeping your money safe.


If you’re worried about losing your phone, don’t be. With F-Secure, you can locate your lost Android or iOS phone with the Finder tool. You can also lock or erase your data from your Android phone remotely.

It’s easy to check the location of your phone in My F‑Secure service. The Android version allows you to lock a lost device or delete personal information to prevent other people from accessing your private files, like photos, emails, etc.


Let’s face it, children spend a lot of time online. There are those who would probably say too much time. Protect your kids’ safety online by setting limits for their screen time and blocking harmful content.

Set boundaries and look after your family’s well-being by setting screen time limits and blocking access to websites based on the site content: adult, violence, shopping, gambling, social media, etc.

Visit F-Secure.com/Safe now and save 50% on your first year!




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