A lot of people think only kids play video games. Au contraire, a gamer’s average age is 34, reports the Entertainment Software Association. And if you believe it’s a male activity, guess again. Women 18 and older account for 33 percent of the players, compared with only 17 percent for boys younger than 18. And every day, 60 percent of Americans play video games. If you need to blow off steam or have a bit of harmless escapism, try video games.

Thinking about getting hitched? Like the reality TV show “The Bachelor?” Former “Bachelor” Ben Higgins, who lives in Denver, will host a group wedding for a dozen couples Sept. 1 at the Denver Polo Club. You can apply to be one of the lucky few in The Wedding Party and bypass all that stressful wedding planning. All you and your beloved have to do is show up, be feted and married individually, and celebrate with all your new best couple friends. Friends and family are invited, as well as bridesmaids and groomsmen, though the latter can’t participate in the ceremony. One hitch: You’re asked to invite at least 100 guests and fork out $150 per guest, so altogether, this shindig will cost you $15,000. But perhaps that’s cheaper than going solo. Apply now: theweddingparty.love.



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