A flyer is one of the most attractive, simple, and wide-ranging ways to attract a large audience’s attention to an event. Brochures are also very helpful for achieving numerous advertising aims. After using desktop publishing software for Mac of different quality and price levels, I have finally found one of the most reliable solutions I have ever tested — Swift Publisher.

Personal Impressions of Swift Publisher

For me, Swift Publisher is something more than common publishing software for Mac OS X. First of all, it allows me, as a professional designer, to create not just flyers and brochures but also catalogs, magazines, booklets, newsletters, calendars, posters, menus, cards, labels, Facebook and Twitter covers, ad banners and many more. Moreover, I have an impressive variety of tools to adjust website pages, customize details like text and images. All in all, I consider my desktop publishing for Mac impossible without Swift Publisher.

To be honest, very few of Mac desktop publishing programs can boast of more than 500 ready-made templates. They are completely adjustable so that designers can manipulate their project whatever they want and need. Besides, unlike solutions like Photoshop, Swift Publisher is an easy publishing software for Mac with easy-readable location of main tools on the menu toolbar.

Personally, I am fascinated that Swift Publisher can provide me with access to files of various formats from libraries and albums from the Finder, as well as Apple Photos. Moreover, this desktop publishing software for Mac OS X offers marvelous save-and-share opportunities. Besides, it is easy to export file to different formats, including EPS and JPEG, as well as choose between CMYK and RGB color models.

So far, I can’t but mention the program’s Two-Page Spreads function. In simple words, this feature enables me to work on two project pages simultaneously, side-by-side. Obviously, I get much more opportunities for creating unique and unusual designs therefore.

Personal Impressions of Swift Publisher

Another function to add to the list of my favorite features is Master Pages. It is definitely impressive and allows me to save time on the repeating content’s creation. This is a separate page where I can create a so-called template of background, headers, etc. and use it for the entire project. No need to make the same work for every new page!

In this perspective, Swift Publisher turns out to be a very convenient tool for home publishing for Mac. With hundreds of paper layouts, Swift Publisher is an irreplaceable page layout Mac. All in all, I do believe desktop publishing for Mac represented by Swift Publisher is definitely worth prizing and recommending.


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