ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A shop owner accused of being anti-semitic after a hateful tirade showed up on his Facebook page is apologizing and closing his shop. 

Last week, KRQE News 13 showed viewers the post on the page of Michael Palombo, the owner of V Roast Bistro, a cafe in Nob Hill. It called Jewish people “animals” who treated the Germans poorly, blaming the Jews for the Holocaust. It outraged the community.

The next day, Palombo said he was hacked. 

“Somebody did their research, did a good job of pretending to be me,” he said. 

Monday, Palombo’s page had a new post apologizing, saying in part, “It is not who I am, or who we are or who we’ve been at V Roast Bistro. This has been one of the most painful and embarrassing moments of my life,” and, “Again my deepest apologizes and hope someday that I’m forgiven and most of all I forgive myself.” 

Palombo also said he is closing his shop. 




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