Officer Scrumptious and the once lost dog. (Photo: Orem Police Department)

(KUTV) — Officer Scrumptious.

That is the new name for an officer in the Orem Police Department after it posted a picture of a dog, hoping to find its family, that included the man who is now the subject of a lot of female social-media attention.

The dog’s owner was found, but the real story was the comments from women, the follow-up posts from Orem PD, and the viral nature of the post that got attention far beyond Utah.

“I’m the owner. You have to bring the dog to me, yourself. Personally. the SAME Officer in the picture,” Emily, from the east coast, wrote. In the post thread Orem police asked her for the dog’s name, so Emily owned up to not owning the dog.

“He’s really not my dog, unfortunately… But, his name is whatever name gets that Officer to my front door,” Emily replied.

She was far from alone in her responses focusing attention on the officer, prompting Orem PD to craft a new post on its Facebook page Thursday after the comments praising the officer outstripped the comments about the pup.

“What about the guy with the dog? Is he available for adoption or nah?” Kara wrote.

Amanda: “Omg break me off a piece of thaaaat.”

“Poor guy looks like he needs a bath and a warm bed to lay in:/ the dog can come too I guess” — Bella.

“A friend of mine wants to know, does he do bachelorette parties?” — Luis.

Haley wrote, “I’ll give the officer a good home.”

And on it went until Orem PD wrote on Thursday,

Due to all the “love” that you showed Officer Schroemges, we have a bigger problem on our hands!

If you abandon your pets with the hopes that Officer “Scrumptious” will show up to bring them home………he is off-duty now and it’s not going to happen!

We will be posting his patrol schedule here for those interested #thisisajoke.

Women responded to this new post too.

“He’s cute, but how is he at picking up his toys, not going on the carpet and listening to commands?? Does he shed a lot?? Can he be polite with company or does he constantly bark?? I’d be ok with him on the couch but not necessarily on my bed. Good boys only,” Lynn wrote.

Thursday, 30 minutes after Orem PD posted the update, it had 20 shares and 35 comments.

Officer Scrumptious may not be going away.




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