Dash Charge is what OnePlus calls their fast charging technology, and they did actually apply for a trademark for it when the OnePlus 3 launched a few years ago. Hell, they even sent us some energy drinks with the Dash Charge label a few years ago. Unfortunately for them, though, it doesn’t look like they’re going to actually get that trademark, and they might start to move away from that branding.

In the EU, at least, OnePlus was rejected the trademark for Dash Charge because of disputes from two other companies. One of those companies was a smaller wireless audio maker, but the other was Amazon who disputed the trademark due to similarities between Dash Charge and Amazon’s speedy Dash buttons.

That doesn’t mean OnePlus has to stop using the Dash Charge naming convention, but it does mean they won’t be allowed to trademark the name. With that being said, if you check out the cables on OnePlus’s site they’ve stopped referring to anything as Dash Charge and replaced those phrases with fast charging, and even the latest open beta of OxygenOS has removed Dash Charge references.

It’s probably the most amicable trademark dispute we’ve ever seen since nobody’s getting dragged into a courtroom over it,  but it’s a little weird to see OnePlus abandon it without being absolutely forced to. At least they won’t remove the actual fast charging, so I guess it doesn’t really matter in the end.

source: Android Police

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