As OnePlus gets closer to the release date for the OnePlus 6T, scheduled for next month, it appears they plan to also announce a new, updated pair of Bullets Wireless earbuds. The new hardware just showed up in the FCC database with a label listing them as “OnePlus Bullets Wireless”. 

Looking back at model numbers for the original Bullets Wireless earbuds, the code was BT31B. That number appears to have incremented up one notch to BT32B for this latest model. Outside of that, not much is know about what OnePlus may have changed for this updated set of earbuds. The design appears to be consistent with the originals in utilizing a cable between the left ear and right ear units. That means OnePlus has not jumped on the no-wire earbuds train yet.

The original Bullets Wireless earbuds sold for $69 retail. They featured a 5 hour battery, water resistance, and magnetic pause.

source: DroidLife




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