One of the bright spots in a somewhat spotty year for the Nintendo Switch was last summer’s Octopath Traveler. This new RPG from Square Enix took retro sprites of the genre’s classic era and placed them in diorama-like 3D environments to absolutely gorgeous results. Beyond the stunning “HD-2D” visuals, the battle system added immensely satisfying depth and strategy to the encounters. The whole “eight character” gimmick never coalesced into that much until the very very end, but we still very much enjoyed our time with this epic anthology.

Octopath Traveler did pretty well as a Switch exclusive, selling over a million copies. It was a really cozy portable game, too. But being available on more platforms can only help sales potential. So if you missed out the first time around, Octopath Traveler is now coming to PC.

This news had actually been leaked a while ago but now it’s official. Proving how much the tide has shifted in the PC game store wars, we’re a bit shocked to see the game is coming to Steam and not the Epic Games Store. Aside from this official PC announcement though we don’t know anything about price or extra content.

Seeing Square Enix spread Octopath Traveler to more platforms gives us faith they’re committed to the franchise. It’s already getting a mobile spin-off in Japan. And it seems all but confirmed that the team is working on a true sequel. Maybe that’ll get announced this E3 and the PC port is just whetting our appetites.

Octopath Traveler releases on PC June 7th. For more on Octopath Traveler watch us play a whole bunch of it. Plus read our feature on Final Fantasy VI, the JRPG classic masterpiece Octopath Traveler takes tons of inspiration from.




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