Rochester, N.Y (WROC_TV) – At SteadFast on East Avenue, owner Nick Garofoli and his staff are strict about making sure everyone at the bar is of age.


“We ID everyone,” he said.


But that isn’t always easy.


“The hardest part for me as an owner is even though we set a policy and we make it very clear, it’s up to the bartenders and the servers to do it,” he said.


But things may get easier soon. An app called the Intellicheck “Law ID” app is being tested by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles.


“What the app does is it gives a quick verification of a good or bad document,” Director of DMV Investigations Owen McShane said. “It allows the investigators to connect directly with the state that allegedly issued the document and get a quick electronic verification.”


McShane said they’ve tested it out at bars and concert venues, including some locations in Rochester.


“We visit some of the bars downtown and we’ll assist the doorman as documents are being presented,” he said.


McShane said on a typical night, they’ll get 15-20 counterfeits.


He added the NYS DMV is the only one that has the technology right now, but they are working with local agencies like the New York State Police and the Rochester Police Department to test it out. 


McShane said there’s no timeline just yet on when the testing phase for the technology will end.





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