In what’s basically the opposite of an [ARG](, one fan of No Man’s Sky and cryptocurrency has established a Bitcoin treasure hunt within the intergalactic exploration game.

Loosely pinned to the excellent recent No Man’s Sky Next update, gamer and cryptocurrency enthusiast Jon Creasy announced last week that he and his brother have essentially hidden 0.004 BTC (roughly $25) within the game. The folks at SpacePirate Games also sweetened the pot to reach close to $200 USD. All one person needs to do is find two specific Comm Stations hidden on different planets within the Endanko System on the PC version of No Man’s Sky and use the two halves of the wallet seed to claim their prize.

“There is a Comms Station on every planet in the system,” Creasy’s post reads. “Only two have portions of the seed, and they are labeled so you’ll know the order.”

Considering there are more than 18 quintillion planets in the No Man’s Sky universe, even just finding the Endanko System will prove tremendously difficult. Is it in the Euclid Galaxy, where every player starts the game? Or is it in one of the other 256 galaxies?

No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games does provide a community-nominated map of the Euclid Galaxy via the Galactic Atlas. Browsing that could be a viable starting point.

Here is the first of two Communication Stations:

'No Man's Sky' Bitcoin Treasure Hunt Endanko System
This looks like a fairly lush planet. Could it be close to the center of the galaxy?

And here is the second:

'No Man's Sky' Bitcoin Treasure Hunt Endanko System
The second planet looks mountainous and snowy.

Each individual Comm Station will have half of the wallet seed needed to access the Bitcoin. (It’s essentially the password that allows you to access the wallet.)




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