Nissan has for a long time been a key player in the electric car segment with the immensely popular hatchback being a forebearer for the technology.

However, as more vehicles have entered the segment making it more competitive, the relatively low range of these cars makes them less appealing than they once were.

In addition to this just having the one vehicle in their range that is a fully battery-electric car could see drivers looking elsewhere.

A new report from Clean Technica suggests, however, that the car firm is working on an all-new electric SUV.

The publication cities a “credible and well-informed source” claiming that the new electric crossover will have a 220-mile range, making a significant improvement on the 150 miles the Leaf produces.

This would make a significant difference for a number of drivers who are looking for a little bit more range to suit their needs and the increased space and practicality of an SUV.

What’s more, the car is slated to cost $45,000 (£34,000) which is half the price of a Tesla Model X.

The Tesla Model X 75D costs £75,850 to buy in the UK and comes with 259 miles of range on the old NEDC, which is over double the cost of the new Nissan SUV but with just a little bit more range. The Model X 100D costs £92,750 but comes with up to 351 miles of range (NEDC).

Model X is not a natural rival for the Nissan, however, and the vehicle is more likely going to take on the and Electric.

For the 186-mile Kona Electric drivers will have to fork over £29,495, while the 299-mile version costs just £32,795 – cheaper than the upcoming Nissan.

Kia e-Niro will also come in two model variants which include a 39.2 kWh battery pack producing 193-miles of range, while the other battery pack produces around 300-miles of range.

Prices for this car start at £24,995 and range up to £29,495 for the larger battery capacity car.

With the increased competition, the new Nissan electric car may feel like an expensive purchase for the amount of range you get back.

According to the publication, the new EV crossover would be around the same size as the Lexus RX and will be marketed as a premium model, which could mean it falls under the Infiniti brand.

Alternatively, it could be based on the that was debut at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show.

This radical SUV concept was a design subject suggest future technologies and design language that the company would imply further down the line.

The source described the interior as being “very upscale” with materials that “gave the Lexus a run for its money”, which further alludes to it being a premium or Infiniti car.

It is also said to come with an “elongated screen [which spans] from in front of the driver to around the middle of the passenger seat.”




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