Data uncovered by a UK based car leasing company ‘All Car Leasing’ revealed that those in the 25 – 34 age bracket were the most likely candidates to post photos of their cars to social media than any other age group. The full study looked into the vanity fairs of British motorists, asking questions surrounding their social media habits when it comes to cars and how frequently they clean them.

Interestingly, of the millennial respondents – the data shows that one quarter of them own an Audi, which turned out to be the most Instagrammed manufacturer of all the options, followed by Ford. 70% of millennial Audi drivers like to show off their car on social media, but the majority of them were females – 68% in fact. Given how Audi is well known for being a premium brand, the assumption could be made that women prefer to show off the premium badge and the looks of the car.

Who Is The Least Vain?

The data allowed the company to build up a profile of the type of person who would be considered the least vain based on the questions, they are typically:
• Over the age of 45
• Typically drives a Silver Ford
• Lives in the South East
• Cares mostly about the cars reliability
This matches up to what you’d expect, older people aren’t as active on social media compared to the younger generation and another area of the survey identified that men make their purchase based off reliability and fuel economy.

We asked for a comment from the marketing team behind the survey to share their thoughts:
“Social media is a massive part of most people’s lives and for motorists this is no different. Although we don’t know if they post on social media because of vanity or simply because they just like to share their day to day lives – whatever the reason, millennials are the most visible motorists online”.

You can check out the infographic which accompanied the survey below:

Doin it for the gram

Doin’ it for the ‘gram by All Car Leasing


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