If you’ve been keeping up, there have been several rumors that Google is getting into the gaming console market, at least indirectly. The Yeti streaming service, for example, was suggested to compete with GeForce Now and PlayStation Now, and recently some new interactions were tipped off for the Chromecast that would most likely be used for gaming services.

Now those rumors are heating up once again, as Google has apparently been chatting with some big names in the video game industry behind closed doors. Coincidence? Probably not.

In some of those conversations with video game executives, Google reportedly showed interest in completely buying game development studios, which would likely be to create Android or Yeti exclusive games, completely opposite from NVIDIA’s strategy of getting developers to just put their games on the GeForce Now service.

This might sound a little convoluted, but if Google can get big name game streaming to all Android devices, that’s going to be a massive deal. Android TV would become quite a bit more relevant almost overnight, but even regular old laptops (or Chromebooks!) would be able to stream a demanding AAA title in a Chrome tab without any additional clunky hardware, not talking about the necessary internet speeds.

There’s still a ton we don’t actually know about this, including how you’ll actually control these games, if Google will be making any dedicated hardware or they’ll repurpose Chromecast, and if it actually works or how much it’ll cost. There are a lot of variables at play, and until Google announces something we’re going to be in the dark.

source: Kotaku

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