Ever wondered what it would be like to run a business back in Victorian society? What about dating? That’d be totally weird and surreal, right? Well, that’s exactly the experience that Max Gentleman Sexy Business seeks to deliver, and if you’re into forging business partnerships will cavorting in the sheets, it’s definitely something you’ll want to check out.

Playing as a member of a formerly rich and well-to-do family, you’ll be forced to work your way back out of destitution after your family name is dragged through the mud. Oh no! Whatever will you do?! Work with a mysterious benefactor who lends you a wealth of money to get you back on your feet, and then hire a ton of executives to handle your business decisions of course. You’ll work your way back up to your former glory, all the while managing smart business decisions and new employees.

But what’s a good business tycoon sim without a way to get closer to your employees? It’s nothing, that’s what. That’s why this game plans on letting you get a lot closer to your employees. A lot closer, like sharing a bed eventually close.

Develop your “gentsona” and interact with your executives to establish relationships with them. When you’ve gotten to know each other better, who knows where you could end up? You can seduce the employees if you want, or even choose to stay friends. It’s up to you!

Obviously, this is an amazing concept that we can’t wait to get our hands on. Victorian business? Dating our executives?! It’s ridiculous, but totally awesome. Plus, we could always use more dating sims in our lives, always.

The good news? It’s already met its initial funding goal of $8,000 and it still has until September 6 to earn even more cash in an attempt to reach any other monetary goals ahead of release.

Ready to help bring it to life?

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