CARTHAGE, Mo. – New parents, busy at home, trying to get their two-week old daughter to sleep. So, dad, breaks out the guitar and becomes an overnight internet sensation.

It started as a normal day for the Comers in rural Jasper County, when baby Carrigan, just two weeks old, needed to fall asleep. Cody Comer, Carrigan’s dad says “I was sitting in here picking the guitar and she asked me if I’d put her to sleep and I didn’t really want to stop playing guitar so I just eased her up on the guitar and started playing and she just went to sleep.” Mindy Comer, Carrigan’s grandma says “He just sings to her and he will sing her to sleep and it was just a precious video that really they had just taken and shared for family and friends to see.”

Cody, is an aspiring musician, and has a Facebook page for his music. They decided to post the video there and in short order, the video was viewed more than 60 million times and Cody and Carrigan became internet celebrities. Cody says “I just posted it on there because I thought it was kinda cool…I didn’t think it would go viral like it did.”

Chandra comer, Carigan’s mom says “It’s just crazy how much people love babies, and how fast it happened, all of it, I think that’s just the crazy part for us is how viral it went and how quickly it all happened.”

Mindy says Cody would sing to baby Carrigan when she was still in the womb  “So she was in the womb hearing him sing her to sleep, so, on day one, he started singing to her and she would fall right to sleep.”

Despite the overnight stardom, the family says they haven’t lost sight of the most important part of the whole thing. Cody says “Every time I look at her I can’t get over how much God has blessed us.”

The Comer’s say they’re looking forward to sharing the video and the story with baby Carrigan when she gets older.




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