We hope Guy Ritchie has a little bit of time off to enjoy some Fortnite because the game’s latest content update, “High Stakes,” will have you and a group of friends pulling off the perfect heist.

The Getaway is a new limited-time mode that places four safes — each carrying a precious jewel — in different locations across the battle royale map. If you can find the jewels and escape to a Getaway Van before being killed by other teams, you win, along with the first three other teams who do it, too.

In the trailer for the mode, we can see a squad of players wearing the leaked Wildcard skins competing against other teams in the new mod. They use the new grappler gun, guided missile, and rocket launcher to quickly eliminate their opponents, eventually finding and opening a safe loaded with remote explosives. They look up to find another player holding the jewel on a Getaway Van right before they’re blown up.

Picking up the jewel will cause it to be displayed on the map to all players for 30 seconds, so you’ll want to make sure your squad is ready to defend its cargo. You’ll receive extra health and shields for holding it, but you’ll also be slightly slower.

How to get the cosmetics in High Stakes

fortnite update high stakes 540 patch getaway mode 2

If you want to wear the snazzy Wildcard or Ace outfits seen in the trailer, they’ll pop up in the item store during the event. Players will earn 5,000 experience points by playing 10 Getaway matches and can get free cosmetic gear by completing event challenges. Here’s how to do it:

– Deal 500 damage points to players carrying the jewel for the Suited Up spray

– Pick up a Jewel in 5 different The Getaway matches to unlock the Cash Flow Contrail

– Complete all 3 challenges to unlock the Crowbar Pickaxe

Some developers at Epic Games might have Insomniac’s new Spider-Man game on the brain because the update also adds a Grappler gun. Essentially a plunger attached to a piece of rope and jammed in a cannon, the Grappler allows you to latch on and zip toward whatever you hit. You can even chain shots together to travel farther. The Grappler, limited-time Getaway mode, and more can be expected in Fortnite’s 5.40 update. We’ve put together some highlights from the patch below.

5.40 patch note highlights

Mode details

– Resource harvesting increased by 50 percent in Getaway mode

– Only rare items and better are found in Getaway mode.

– Rifts, launch pads, and “rift-to-go” removed in Getaway mode


– Added vaulted revolvers

– Removed common suppressed submachine gun

– Removed rare rocket launcher, increased availability of epic and legendary rocket launchers

– Removed legendary bolt-action sniper rifle


– Storm will now destroy player-built structure located in storm wall when it begins moving

– Motion controls improved on Switch. Option added to change motion turn axis.

You can check out the full patch notes on Epic Games’ website.



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