The kindness of strangers on a Facebook post helped retired veteran George Silvey get a job.

Silvey said he was in Folsom, holding a sign, when a woman approached him.

In the Facebook post in a private group called Folsom Chat, the woman said she saw him while pumping gas. She offered money to SIlvey, but he declined and pulled out a resume instead. She said her “heart sunk” and she posted his resume on the Facebook group.

“That’s why my roommate’s phone has been ringing off the hook!” Silvey said.

In a day, Silvey got a job offer at Kiki’s Chicken Place in Rancho Cordova. He’s cleaning dishes and doing other miscellaneous work they need him to do that day. He said it has been years since he’s had a job.

“I’m extremely proud!” Silvey said. “I never thought in my wildest dreams that it would happen so fast.”

He now hopes to inspire others who were in his situation.

“Never give up,” Silvey said. “Never give up hope, because it can happen and it will happen. You just have to believe in yourself. You have to believe it will happen.”

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