Augmented reality is proving to be a potent marketing tool in the hands of the right brands, and world-famous spirits maker Jack Daniel’s is today unveiling one of the strongest uses yet of the technology. Developed by Tactic, the company’s AR Experience app turns the classic black-and-white front label of any Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey bottle into a matching pop-up book, educating consumers about the company and brand.

Available solely to users aged 17 and older, the free app uses a smartphone or tablet camera to recognize the shape of anything from a 50ml miniature to a giant-sized 1.75L bottle. A photorealistic version of the front label then syncs up with the real bottle’s position, unfolding to reveal stylized objects, text, and environmental effects. Users can view a small version of the distillery, see a step-by-step explanation of the whiskey-making process, and read stories about “the man himself,” Jack Daniel.

If you already have a bottle of Jack Daniel’s on hand, or find a bottle at a store, it’s impressive that you can learn so much more about the product and brand simply by looking through your phone’s screen. The only limitation — and a likely intentional one — is that you can’t get the AR experience without actually buying or otherwise having one of those bottles handy. Flat 2D-style scrolling text content is all you can view if you don’t have a bottle.

The Jack Daniel’s AR Experience app is available now through the iOS App Store for iPhones and iPads, and through the Google Play Store for Android users. In addition to being age-gated through both stores for users 17 and up, the app requires an age-confirming birthdate on first run.




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