HP Inc. on Tuesday announced that Apple products are now available for HP’s Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering for enterprises. The HP DaaS for Apple plan provides customers with latest-generation Apple devices paired with support and management services from HP.

HP kicked off its DaaS effort in 2016, pitching the program as a way to consolidate device acquisition and management from the purchase point to the recycle bin. Since then HP has made DaaS a core segment of its growth strategy.

The current DaaS offering includes analytics and optimization services to free up IT resources, and also allows companies to lease equipment instead of buying it outright.

With the addition of Apple devices, HP said it’s aiming to satisfy customer demands for a unified platform that can manage diverse fleets with different device types and operating systems.

Michael Park, VP and GM of emerging compute solutions at HP, noted in a briefing that HP has seen “clear demand signal” coming from the market for a lightweight system that brings Apple devices into the enterprise both as corporate owned and employee owned.

“HP is strong in the PC business but where we really don’t have a play is in mobile devices,” said Park. “And if you look at share and penetration, Apple is a leader.”

The HP DaaS for Apple plan includes next day onsite repair or replacement, accidental damage protection, analytics for device health monitoring, unified endpoint management via HP’s service team, and a one-price-per-device service payment model.

Initially, HP’s DaaS for Apple plan will be limited to customers in the US, and sold directly by HP. The company expects to expand the program to additional markets, and make it available through channel partners, in the first half of the year.


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