In an increasingly social world, a good amount of people are surprised, well, not so social.

That’s probably not intentional, but thanks to all of the big social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc) we gain access to everyone’s lives without actually engaging with them.

There is without a doubt a downside to our modern technological world, but there is also much to gain from it. One appealing aspect is instant profit from mobile casino sites, which when played safely and correctly can have you a scroll or screen tap away from a huge chunk of cash.

Of course, you won’t be winning much money if you’re not actually playing these games or if you don’t even know how to find them.

In order to help you get one step closer to winning a bunch of money whilst watching The Office reruns from your couch, I’ll break down a path to playing casino games on your phone:

Get a Phone

Uh, doy. But seriously, it’s awfully hard to play casino games on your phone if you don’t actually have one.

You could always play on your computer or use someone else’s phone, but having that mobility is pretty useful. You also don’t want all of your information hanging around on somebody’s mobile device.

Have a phone you can use that is password protected and make sure you connect to a safe internet source.

Find an Online Casino You Can Trust

Once you’re connecting to the internet on your phone, you can start the search for a reputable online casino. Hit up casino forums, read online casino reviews and ask your friends which casino sites can actually be trusted.

Most of the good sites will show themselves pretty quickly, while the bad ones will either be blacklisted or have a ton of negative feedback.

You can then pick from the good casino sites and decide where you want to play.

That will entail playing at an actual website or downloading a casino gaming app. The latter is probably preferred, as it promotes a more mobile-friendly experience and is easy to use.

Target Casino Games With Upside

Exactly what types of casino games you’re going to want to play is totally up to you.

Ideally, they are games you have experience within some fashion or they offer nice payout potential via bonuses and free spins. I’d focus on the bonuses and spins, as they’re the best way to guarantee upside when playing online.

You can view the aforementioned “upside” in one of two ways; actual lump sum you can win in one big payout or the number of opportunities to rake in cash. Both should be somewhat of a priority and you can mix and match based on your personal preference.

The game itself should advertise any earning potential to some degree, but you can also find out more about specific games by reading reviews and conversing with fellow gamers.

Deposit Money or Play For Free

Most of the better casino apps will have a variation of their games that let you play for free, while some casino apps will only be for free money. Make sure you’re actually legally allowed to play in whatever state you reside in and then decide to play for free or play for money.

Playing for actual cash guarantees the opportunity to win more money. Playing for free can still allow some chances to win some cash, but it’s far from a lock.

Once you find the game you want and you are confident it’s safe, deposit some funds. Each app or site will offer different payment and withdrawal methods, so do yourself a favour and research these beforehand.

As long as you’re comfortable with the method you’re using and know you’ll get back any cash you win, you should be fine.

The apps and sites tend to make the process quick, easy and pretty painless. Deposit the money, pick the games in the app you want to play and hopefully, that leads to some big wins.

Play Games You’ll Have Fun With

This isn’t really a “how to play” tip, but I think it’s important.

Whether it’s themed games that mirror classic TV shows like Wheel of Fortune, slots you have experience with or table games you’re familiar with, it’s best to pick and play games that you think you’ll enjoy playing.

It’s never fun to play a game you don’t understand or dislike. It’s even less fun to lose money playing those games.

If you can stick with games that have engaging themes, good graphics, nice upside and are safe to play, you’re doing it right. Every game won’t offer that perfect combination, but I’d try to aim high in that regard as much as possible.

Playing casino games on your phone is actually pretty easy. The main things to remember are to make sure whatever app you download is safe to use, the games you play offer upside and actually pay out.

The process is pretty simple, though, and once you dive in, you’ll find that winning isn’t all that difficult, either.


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