Anyone who ordered the physical set of Final Fantasy X|X-2 received Final Fantasy X on a game cartridge and X-2 as a downloadable code. This was a let down given that fans were expecting both games would be on one cartridge, if not two. When gamers try to play the completely downloaded X-2, many get an error that reads “insert the game card.” This is annoying to deal with but easy enough to get around. Here’s how to do it.

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For your gaming shelf: Final Fantasy X|X-2 Physical Copy ($50 at Amazon)

If you haven’t bought the physical copy yet, you might want to consider going digital with a Final Fantasy X|X-2 download code. That way you won’t have to deal with this ridiculous error.

How to fix the “insert the card error” for Final Fantasy X-2

  1. Insert Final Fantasy X into your Switch.
  2. Scroll to Final Fantasy X-2 in your library and click on it.
  3. Final Fantasy X-2 will automatically start up.

    Insert Game

    Nintendo Switch LibraryFinal Fantasy on Nintendo Switch

Our favorite option

If you haven’t bought the games yet, you might just want to bypass the physical copy altogether. The digital code gives you both Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 without any insert card error. If you’d really prefer a physical copy, just remember to have FFX on you whenever you want to play FFX-2. Revisit these classics or experience them for the first time.

Team Digital

Final Fantasy X|X-2 (download)

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Help Tidus, Yuna and friends overcome colossal enemies as you protect Spira from an ageless enemy. Then return to the world of Spira two years later and help Yuna discover the secret of the spheres. Download these classic games using Nintendo’s download codes.

The Physical Copy

Final Fantasy X|X-2 (physical copy)

Get the physical copy of Final Fantasy X|X-2

The physical copy of these games includes a cartridge for Final Fantasy X and a downloadable code for X-2. Destroy Sin and adventure with Yuna and company on a journey around Spira in these remastered classics.

Other helpful items to enhance your gaming experience

If you’re planning on carrying around multiple Nintendo Switch games, we recommend using a game card holder so you can protect several games at once.

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