If you’re having trouble falling asleep, Google Home is here to help. 

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Your Google Home speaker can help you get a good night’s rest whether you had one cup of coffee too many, or you can’t quite shut off your mind. While the device is helpful for scheduling your day, it’s also handy for unwinding, too.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, start with “Hey Google, I can’t sleep.” It’ll respond with a few options — nature sounds, ambient music or sleepy playlists to help you fall asleep. The one thing it doesn’t help with yet: nightmares.

Things you can say to Google Home to assist in getting sleepy:

  • “Hey Google, play relaxing music.”

    Google will find a playlist of ambient music on YouTube Music, Google Play Music, Spotify, Pandora or Deezer if you have an account (if not, these services all have free options). If you like the playlist, open the music app to save it. You can link your media accounts when you set up your speaker, or at any time using the Google Home app.

  • “Hey Google, play relaxing nature sounds.”

    You can make the request a few times until you settle on the sound you like. Some of the options I came across were rain, a babbling brook, crickets and chirping birds. Be careful with the water noises at night, though, unless you want a bathroom break, too! Google Home can also play a nature sounds playlist from your linked music apps.

  • “Hey Google, tell me a bedtime story.”

    I’m a fan of falling asleep to podcasts or TV shows. If your little one is having a hard time catching some Z’s, try Google Home’s bedtime story option. The tales are kid-focused but could provide some background noise for kids of any age to drift off to. Google Home picks out short stories from Google Play Books and Storynory. You can sort through 3- to 10-minute fairy tales, quirky stories or shorts about popular TV characters like Dora the Explorer.

  • “Hey Google, sing me a lullaby.”

    Another option to help kids get ready for bed, Google can sing or play a lullaby. You’ll find classics like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, a German Cradle Song and Rock-a-bye Baby with a reworked (less violent) ending.


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