In this guide we’ll show you how to downgrade your Google Pixel from the new Android Q beta back to Android 9 Pie. Google recently released a preview of its next update for Android phones and tablets, and a lot of people rushed to install it.

And while the Android Q beta is fairly stable, it is a beta, meant for developers, and isn’t intended for average users to run on a daily basis. So, if you installed Android Q but now realize some apps or games aren’t compatible or are having problems, here’s how to go back to Pie.

Technically you can wait for the second beta in April which should be more stable, run better, and be more feature-complete instead of feeling half baked, or you can “roll-back” to Android 9 Pie. If you need your device every day or for work, we recommend the latter of those two options.

Luckily, Google makes it really easy to revert back to the last stable release, but that does come with a compromise. This process will erase everything on your phone, so we recommend backing it up first. Again, Backup anything important from your phone, as this will erase everything.

How to Downgrade Back to Android Pie

  1. Open your browser and to (Back to the Android Q beta page)
  2. Sign-in if necessary then click the View your eligible devices button
  3. From here, simply tap the Opt Out button under the device you’d like to roll back to Pie
  4. Then, confirm you’d like to proceed by clicking the blue Leave beta button
  5. Accept the notification to download & install Pie

Once you opt out and officially leave the beta everything is fairly simple and straight-forward. Your Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL should get a “roll-back” update notification for the most recent (March) Android 9 Pie update within 24 hours.

This works the same way you upgraded to Android Q. Google will send your device an over-the-air (OTA) update notification. Just click “download and install” on that notification and the phone will automatically download, install, and reboot back on Android 9 Pie. Here’s a note from Google about the process:

“You are about to remove this device from the Android Q Beta program. If your device is running a beta version of Android, it will be sent an OTA update that will wipe all data on the device and install the latest stable public version of Android.”

Personally, we got the update within 2 minutes of clicking the opt-out button. Basically, be ready to either do it right away or wait a little while for the system to process your request.

No Opt Out Button Available?

Depending on how you installed the Android Q beta you may or may not have the option to actually opt out from the Android beta website. If you manually installed Android Q with factory images, or downloaded and flashed the OTA file the “Opt Out” button might simply say “Opt In” instead.

If so, go ahead and tap the Opt In button and then refresh the website. Now, the system will register you have Android Q and you should see the same Opt Out button as our image above. Go ahead and follow the steps above to opt out, get the downgrade file, and proceed as usual.

Let us know how the process goes in the comment section below. And, if you’d like, you can try this guide of Android Q problems and fixes before you revert back to Pie.



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