The iPhone XR is right around the corner, and you’ll almost certainly need a case to keep it from getting scratched or broken. These are some of the best options shipping on or around the XR’s Oct. 26 launch date.

Best Apple iPhone XR cases

With iPhone XR preorders going live on Oct. 19, getting a protective cover in time for the arrival of your new device can be paramount. We’re rounding up a list of the best cases for Apple’s new iPhone XR with availability just in time for the first shipments of the new devices.


It wouldn’t be an iPhone launch without Otterbox being quick out of the gate, and the company’s popular Defender series has returned for the XR. It’s multilayered for drop protection, and has port covers for keeping dust and lint out. Bundled with it is a holster that doubles as a kickstand — great for both work and play.

Several different color combinations are available, typically priced at $59.95 for plain colors and $69.95 for patterned ones. There’s also a $59.90 “build-your-own” option, but with relatively few color selections.


Otterbox actually owns Lifeproof, but they produce some distinctly different cases. If you can, you should probably hold out for the XR version of the Fre, which goes beyond drop protection with waterproofing and a built-in screen protector.

If you absolutely need something right now, you might consider the $49.99 Slam. This one protects against drops up to 2 meters (about 6.6 feet), and has a transparent back to showcase your XR’s color. You do sacrifice waterproofing and screen protection.


Something similar to the Slam but a little tougher is Griffin’s Survivor Endurance ($39.99). Only a frosty gray/translucent model is available at the moment, yet it should handle drops up to 10 feet, which is pretty impressive. It’s also intended to offer a firm grip and let you find controls by feel alone.


Speck is one of the most prolific case makers, and is naturally readying an arsenal of XR products. One of these is the Presidio Folio ($44.95), which comes in several color combinations, handles drops up to 10 feet, and has a hidden slot so you don’t have to expose your driver’s license and credit card when you’re taking a photo.

Another Speck case to consider is the Presidio Sport ($44.95), which offers 12-foot drop protection and an anti-microbial coating.


The preeminent Spigen case seems to be the Slim Armor ($39.99). It’s dual-layered for drops, sold in colors like black, “merlot red,” and “champagne gold,” and has a small kickstand if you want to prop it up for videos or gaming.

Pad & Quill

The Bello Fino Wallet Case ($79.95) is a handmade, authentic leather case with slots for a driver’s license, cash, and several credit and debit cards. You can choose from “chocolate,” “whiskey,” or “galloper black” exteriors, and match those with one of four interior colors, depending on your exterior material.


Apple charges a premium for its own leather accessories, so for a simple case, one you might look at is Case-Mate’s Barely There Leather ($40). It comes in black, “butterscotch,” “cardinal” (red), and “metallic blush” (pink/purple) variants, and has a microfiber interior to keep your device free from scratches and debris.

Be sure to keep your eyes on AppleInsider in the coming days and weeks as we continue coverage of Apple’s new handsets. Looking for deals on the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max? Check out our wireless carrier roundup for the best bargains on the Apple devices.




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