The first Overcooked launched almost two years ago on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC where critics praised it for its co-operative cooking chaos. But unsurprisingly love for the game exploded when it arrived last year on Nintendo Switch, a platform practically built for frantic local multiplayer starring cartoons. So while the sequel is once again coming to all platforms this summer, when we teamed up with developer Ghost Town Games to play some Overcooked 2, it was on the Switch.

Overcooked hasn’t changed its winning original recipe. Players cooperate as different chefs in a kitchen working together to complete enough meals and make money. The controls are more arcade simple than cooking sim. The challenge comes from making sure everyone is working efficiently while dealing with unexpected hazards. To make salad and soup, some players cuts vegetable while others make sure the pot doesn’t burn and incoming dishes get washed.

It’s a formula sound but malleable enough that there are lots of creative new places for the game to go in this sequel. And Overcooked 2 does get downright bizarre, even considering the last game had a talking onion king. Players can now toss food, opening up lots of new strategies with high risk and high reward. Try telling a hungry customer they have to wait longer because one of the chefs has a bad underhand.

Overcooked 2 also adds new recipes which naturally give the game more appreciated variety. I understand the need for a limited menu because players are meant to commit recipes to memory in order to work faster. But after making so much soup and salad in the first game getting a bunch of sushi orders, with different steps for boiling rice and preparing seaweed wraps, made Overcooked 2 feel like a blessing from food gods.

What’s most impressive about Overcooked 2 though is just how the team was able to use the first game’s success to justify a larger scope (and development team) this time around. It infamously took a few patches before the original Overcooked performed well on Switch. But this demo ran smoothly while also looking way better.

We played on a dynamic kitchen suspended in a hot air balloon where shifting tables and breakout fires constantly changed our available paths. The spectacle reached a crescendo when we crashed back down to earth and still had to keep making food. Not since Mortal Kombat have I seen a wilder stage transition.

Overcooked 2 launches August 7 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows. If you want to get in on the food fight but don’t have friends, the sequel also adds online multiplayer for the first time.

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