The technology giant appears to have stealth released a new feature for cars with Android Auto infotainment units.

Previously the accustomed grey background was only available on Android Auto for cars, meaning users were not able to see satellite imagery of their surrounding area.

But now an update means drivers can opt to have a satellite view while driving.

Being able to distinguish an area’s iconic features means users may never get lost again.

The stealth release was noticed by a Google+ user called Roberto Mezquia Jr who posted pictures of the new functionality.

He wrote: “I just checked and Google Maps on Android Auto now shows the option for Satellite view!”

Google Maps has offered its signature satellite view for years online and through its app.

Even the Android Auto application for smartphones already had an option for satellite view.

But now all cars with infotainment units appear able to run Android Auto using the same feature.

It is worth noting the satellite view offered is not in 3D.

Users can make the most of the new functionality with the press of a button.

First open the Android Auto app on your phone, click on Google Maps and then press the menu button in the searcher.

Then check the satellite mode is enabled.

However, using the new view could increase the amount of mobile data you use while navigating.

So if you are on a phone plan with limited data, it may be worth only using this feature if it is absolutely necessary.




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