Google Maps Street View – created in 2007 – has thrown some of the weirdest sights from around the world together online.

While people online often use the mapping service to find addresses and locations, some funny pictures have been spotted instead.

Innocent passersby can get caught by the Street View cars when they are taking the pictures, sometimes in hilarious or embarrassing situations.

A young man in the US found this out the hard way when taking his dog out for a walk.

The pair were spotted in a very weird scenario when walking out of their house.

The man walking his dog was wearing a simple grey top and shorts and was barefoot.

While his face was blurred out, on closer inspection he was wearing some form of mask.

Blue and red in colour, it seemed to be a wrestling mask worn by fighters. He looked directly at the camera while his face was covered.

The man may have been trying to hide his identity, unaware that Google blurs them out.

His dog, similar to a St Bernard was nonplussed but also stared at the camera as it went past.

In three different images, the animal stared at the driver while his owner waved and posed.

Another man, walking into the house in the opposite direction, was much more relaxed when seeing the car.

He simply smiled and waved over his shoulder in a much more casual manner.

Another man was caught by the Google camera with his dog in a much more embarrassing situation.

Also spotted in the US, a man was rollerblading with his two dogs.

Unbeknownst to him, one of his dogs tripped over perhaps due to the speed he was rollerblading at.

The poor dog was then dragged along for a few moments, unable to get his feet again.

His owner then noticed and quickly stopped to help the animal.

Later pictures showed the man skating more gingerly after the accident.




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