Google is thoroughly determined to update all of their apps, both for Android and web, to their new Google Material Theme. The latest refresh comes to Google Keep Notes for web, following in the footsteps of its Android counterpart.

Google Keep Notes (previously just Google Keep) does just what it says on the tin: keep notes. The longstanding note taking service puts Google in company with Evernote. According to a handful of tips we’ve received, Keep Notes is getting a fresh coat of paint via the Google Material Theme, slowly rolling out now.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the app’s signature yellow is almost entirely gone, and the previously gray background has been replaced with a traditional white one. The second thing that stands out is the widespread use of Google Sans, a signature trait of the Google Material Theme.

Google Keep Notes web material theme

Where the Material Theme really shines, however, is in the subtleties. Where previously Google Keep Notes had sharp corners galore, now are all rounded. To keep consistency with Google’s branding, of course. This rounding of sharp edges has followed through to the app’s icons, with the change most notable on the pushpin button in the corner of each note.

Google Keep Notes Material Theme checklist

9to5Google’s Take

As an avid, daily user of Google Keep Notes, I actually am not a big fan of this redesign. Where other Google Material Theme revamps have made interfaces cleaner and more readable, I find that this one was more for brand consistency than usability. The darker background made the borders of each note stand out more. The white on white is a bit harder to interpret at a glance.

I am thankful, however, that this app is still getting attention from Google, and (hopefully) isn’t going to be abandoned any time soon.

Thanks Paul for the screenshots!

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