Maintaining a healthy work-life balance can be difficult when both employers and employees can always stay connected with technology. 

But setting and maintaining boundaries at work can also be aided by technology. Google rolled out a new feature called “Working Hours” that helps keep your colleagues from adding you to meetings and events that are outside of your set work hours.

Google first announced the feature in a blog post on June 27.

So, if you know you have to leave early for a doctor’s appointment Wednesday and that you’ll be taking a Friday off at the end of the month, you can set it. When a colleague tries to add you to a meeting during that time, they’ll receive a notification alerting them of their mistake.

“People who will try to schedule meetings with you outside of these hours will be informed that you are not available at that time. You can already set your working hours to one interval for all days of the week. With this launch, you can now customize your work hours for each day separately,” the Google blog post states.

Here’s what it looks like: 





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